Where I'm From

I'm from pool-sized potholes, paper routes and pets
TV tag at twilight
And street hockey nets

From the "City of Good neighbors"
Buffalo, New York
From blizzards and space heaters
And shoveling sidewalks

I'm from fleeting summer days
Pizza and diet coke
Eddie's "Hammertime!"
And pick-up ay Heacock
I'm from the Clash, Costello, The Beatles and "Blues"
T-shirts and shorts and soccer shoes

I'm from Nana's brown Dodge
The door held with rope
Riding to practice
And eyes full of hope
From Pa's rolled change
Prescription bottles and Ireland
A poor man's wisdom -
"You broke my jaw
But I broke your hand"

I'm from that lumpy red scar from that drunken car
(I should never have biked that far)
From garage hopping mishaps
And, oh...Dorothy Stiles

I'm from a carnival of beer and tears
A dad gone AWOL and clandestine fears

I'm from the beauty of a perfumed wrist
Of love and faith
And raspberry twist
Of redemption, innocence and lips unkissed

I'm from the boy on the landing
Behind the brown kitchen door
So close I can touch it
And I could wish I could do more

Copyright © 2003 Jeff Lewis. All rights reserved.

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