Dead Dog Studio

Page Last Updated December 15, 1998. AKA P22 Audio, is a 16 track digital project studio located in Buffalo NY. We offer very competitive rates. From soundtrack compositon to high end music production, personal attention is paid to your recording needs.


Vintage analog, tube, and state of the art digital equipment.:

  • Digital Multitrack Recording
  • Freelance Engineering
  • On-Location Recording
  • Production and Arrangement
  • Jingles, music for video
  • Audio Consultation
  • Reasonable rates

  • Console:
    Mackie 24x8x2 1604
    Recording Media:
    (2) Panasonic MDA-1 digital multitracks
    Otari DTR-8S
    Sony TC-K615S cassette recorder
    Genelec 1031A
    Sennheiser HD650 Ovation II Headphones
    Quart 250 Headphones

    (2) Amek/Neve 9098 preamp & EQ
    (2) Focusrite Red 7 preamp/compressor-limiter/de-esser/exciter
    (4) api 512b preamp w/ DI
    (2) api 550b EQ
    Summit DCL-200 dual tube compressor/limiter
    Summit TPA-200B dual dube preamp
    Avalon VT-737SP Tube preamp/opto-compressor/EQ
    Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor
    Joe Meek VC5 EQ
    Behringer MDX2100 Audio Interactive Dynamics Processor
    Digitech GSP2101 tube preamp/effects processor
    Lexicon PCM80 Digital Effect Processor
    Ensoniq DP-4 Parallel Effects Processor
    Yamaha REV500
    BBE 322 Sonic Maximizer

    (2) Neumann U87Ai w/ InnerTUBE vacuum tube modification
    (2) Neumann KM184
    AKG C12VR
    Sony C-48
    Microtech Gefell M71S
    Audio-Technica AT4033
    Electro Voice RE-27 N/D
    Shure SM57 (3)
    Ensoniq KS-32 77 Key Weighted-Action Workstation
    E-MU Vintage Keys
    Alesis DM5 Drum Module
    Alesis D4 Module
    Roland R8 MKII Drum Machine
    1968 Fender Twin Reverb
    1952 Fender Telecaster (American Re-issue)
    Fender Setneck Stratocaster
    Fender Stratocaster Elite
    Taylor 810C Acoustic Guitar
    Ken Smith Burner Bass with active electronics

    Artists that have used P22 audio services
  • The Amazing All My Children Band
  • Temple of Music CD project
  • Steam Donkeys (Buffalo)
  • girlpope (Buffalo)
  • Rockwell Hall Performing Arts Center
  • St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute
  • Alyn Syms (Buffalo)
  • JavaManRayGun (Buffalo)
  • The Handguns (Buffalo)
  • Durango 95 (Buffalo)
  • Gilbert George Neal (Buffalo)
  • Dan Lewis and the Tomorrow File (Buffalo)
  • Jesus Feet (Buffalo)
  • Beat Generation (Buffalo)
  • The Hanging Mums (Buffalo)
  • The Murk (Buffalo)
  • Mump (Buffalo)
  • From the Corner of My Eye (Buffalo)
  • The City Victims (Buffalo)
  • Just Us (Buffalo)
  • Dave Snyder (Buffalo)
  • Sam Tambe (Rochester)
  • Pest (Chapel Hill)
  • Dave McNamara (Las Vegas)
  • Next of Kinn (Nashville)
  • Tim Byrne (Prague)
  • The Horta (Reigel 7)
    Music Composition for Video, Film and Radio
  • WKBW Channel 7 News
  • Dieselwerks Productions
  • My City Underground
  • WNY Crisis Prevention Services
  • Santora's Pizza
  • Sportsplex/Soccer Unlimited
  • Wordscape Ministry
  • JKP Audio Publishing

    Page Last Updated December 15, 1998